Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, medically known as “blepharoplasty,” is a procedure performed for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The effects of aging, genetic factors, or eyelid sagging, puffiness, and bagginess caused by other health conditions can be corrected through this surgical intervention. At Trawell Med, we perform eyelid surgery using modern medical techniques and high hygienic standards, carried out by our expert aesthetic surgeons.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your eyelids, this surgery can also improve the functionality of your eyes. Excessive sagging of the upper eyelid, in particular, can narrow your field of vision, negatively impacting your daily life. The removal of excess skin, muscle, and fat tissue through blepharoplasty contributes to expanding your field of vision, thus improving your overall quality of life.

If you want more information about the feasibility of this procedure and the most suitable solutions for you, do not hesitate to contact Trawell Med’s experienced team. We are here to perform eyelid surgery to give you a younger and more dynamic expression. Click here to get in touch: Trawell Med Contact

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is generally chosen for aesthetic concerns or medical issues affecting vision. At Trawell Med, we recommend the blepharoplasty procedure for individuals facing the following conditions:

  • Those with Aesthetic Concerns: The natural aging process can lead to eyelid sagging, but it may occur earlier in some individuals. Sagging, puffiness, or bagginess in your eyelids can give your facial expression a tired or aged look. If you desire a younger and more vibrant appearance around your eyes, you may consider this surgery.
  • Individuals Experiencing Restricted Field of Vision: Excessive sagging of the upper eyelid can limit peripheral vision, affecting daily activities and especially driving safety. Removing excess skin from the eyelids can widen your field of vision.
  • Functional Issues with Eyelids: Functional problems, such as improper eyelid closure or an unusually discomforting sensation, can be corrected through blepharoplasty.
  • Health Conditions and Other Factors: Systemic health issues like thyroid diseases can cause abnormal eyelid growth. Additionally, genetic factors can influence the structure and appearance of your eyelids.

If you are unsure whether you are a candidate for this procedure, you can schedule a preliminary assessment with Trawell Med’s expert team to gather detailed information about your specific situation. Remember, blepharoplasty can not only enhance your appearance but also improve your overall quality of life.

Preoperative Assessment Process

Deciding on eyelid aesthetic surgery, or blepharoplasty, requires a careful preoperative assessment process. At Trawell Med health center, we follow a specific protocol to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive and personalized service before the surgery. Here are the steps of this crucial process:

  • Detailed Medical History and Physical Examination: A detailed review of the patient’s overall health, eye health history, any medication allergies, or past surgeries is conducted. The eyes are thoroughly examined to assess the structure and functions of the eyelids.
  • Vision Tests: To optimize the visual outcomes of the surgery, in-depth vision tests may be necessary. These tests help determine the current state of your eyelids and assist in adjusting the treatment plan accordingly.
  • Photography: Photos are taken to document the preoperative condition of your eyelids. These images are crucial for planning the surgery and evaluating the results.
  • Assessment of Personal Expectations: Each patient has different expectations. Understanding your priorities and goals, from aesthetic results to functionality, is crucial for the success of the surgery.
  • Discussion of Risks and Benefits: Every surgical intervention carries certain risks. The potential risks and expected benefits of eyelid surgery are clearly discussed to ensure patients make informed decisions.

At Trawell Med, the safety and comfort of each patient are our top priorities. Therefore, we place great importance on the preoperative assessment process before proceeding with the blepharoplasty procedure. If you have any questions about eyelid aesthetics or wish to schedule an assessment appointment, feel free to contact us.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, not only provides aesthetic improvements but also enhances functionality, contributing to an increase in the overall quality of life and boosting self-confidence. Here are some significant benefits of the blepharoplasty procedure offered by Trawell Med:

  • Refreshed Appearance: By reversing signs of aging, such as sagging eyelids and bags, you can achieve a younger and fresher facial expression. Removal of excess skin from the eyelids can rejuvenate tired-looking eyes.
  • Improved Field of Vision: Removing excess skin from the upper eyelids, especially when they sag excessively, can enhance peripheral vision. This results in a broader field of vision, improving your quality of vision during daily activities and driving.
  • Preservation of Eye Health: The risk of chronic irritation or infection due to eyelid issues can be reduced through a properly performed surgery. This helps maintain your eye health.
  • More Relaxed and Positive Expression: Aesthetic corrections around the eyes often lead to a more relaxed and positive expression. This can provide advantages in social and professional interactions.
  • Low Risk, Lasting Results: Blepharoplasty is a procedure with high success rates, and the results are generally long-lasting. With the right patient selection and application, long-term satisfaction can be achieved.

At Trawell Med, we prioritize the individual needs of each patient and perform eyelid surgeries using the latest technology to ensure maximum safety and comfort. The transformation in your eyelids not only improves your external appearance but also elevates your overall quality of life. To discover whether eyelid aesthetics are right for you, contact us and consult with our expert team.

Effects of Eyelid Surgery on Eye Health

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, eyelid surgery has significant effects on eye health. At Trawell Med, we aim not only to improve the external appearance but also to enhance the overall eye health of our patients. Here are the benefits of eyelid aesthetics on eye health:

  • Reducing Chronic Eye Fatigue: Excessively sagging eyelids can lead to the overworking of eye muscles, causing fatigue and discomfort. By preventing unnecessary strain on the eye muscles, surgery can reduce the feeling of eye fatigue.
  • Improving Dry Eye: Malfunctioning eyelids can hinder proper moisturization of the eyes, leading to dryness. Blepharoplasty restores the natural functions of the eyelids, reducing the risk of dry eyes.
  • Lowering Irritation and Infection Risk: Eyelids that do not close properly or are in an abnormal position can leave the eyes vulnerable to external irritants. Eyelid surgery corrects such issues, minimizing the risk of irritation and infection threatening eye health.
  • Increasing Visual Quality: Sagging eyelids, especially those affecting peripheral vision, can be a hindrance. The removal of excess skin through surgery contributes to the expansion of the field of vision, thus enhancing visual quality.

At Trawell Med, we keep our patients informed at every step of their eyelid surgery, providing high-standard services to ensure their well-being. Your eye health is valuable to us, and our blepharoplasty procedure is not just about aesthetic improvement; it’s also a significant step toward preserving and enhancing your eye health. For more information on how eyelid surgery can contribute to your eye health, contact our experts.

Preparation Steps Before Eyelid Surgery

As Trawell Med Health Company, we provide a comprehensive guide for step-by-step preparation for eyelid surgery. The preoperative process is carefully planned to ensure your highest comfort and best results. Here are the preparation steps for your blepharoplasty surgery:

  1. Initial Consultation: Your preoperative process begins with a detailed eye examination and a consultation to assess your aesthetic expectations. At this stage, you will be informed about your eyelid structure, general health, and potential risks.
  2. Medical Photography: High-resolution photos are taken to document the current condition of your eye area. These photos play a crucial role in planning your surgery and monitoring changes afterward.
  3. Instructions for Before and After: You receive special instructions to facilitate your surgery and recovery. Information is provided regarding smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, and medications to use or avoid.
  4. Laboratory Tests: Various laboratory tests, such as blood tests, are conducted to assess your general health and detect any medical risks in advance.
  5. Surgery Day Planning: All details about the surgery day, including when you should be ready and arrangements for your return home after the surgery, are communicated to you.

Preoperative preparation is essential for a successful eyelid aesthetic, and Trawell Med Health Company is here with you at every step. It is crucial to follow the preparation steps meticulously for a healthy and safe surgical experience. For more information about this process or for any questions, feel free to contact us; our expert team is always ready to help.

Eyelid Surgery Process and Applied Techniques

At Trawell Med Health Company, we are with you at every stage of your eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Our surgery process is designed to guarantee service and care at the highest standards. Here is your surgery process and the advanced techniques we apply:

  1. Preoperative Preparation: The surgical area is sterilized, and preparations are made for a comfortable experience under anesthesia. We offer both general and local anesthesia options based on personal comfort and health conditions.
  2. Surgical Techniques: Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids, and the required technique is determined individually. In upper eyelid surgery, a small incision is made to remove excess skin, muscle, and fat tissue. Lower eyelid surgery aims to eliminate under-eye bags and achieve a smooth appearance.
  3. Laser Technology: We utilize laser technology to make incisions less noticeable and expedite the healing process. Laser precisely shapes tissues and reduces the risk of bleeding.
  4. Postoperative Monitoring: After completing the surgery, your rest period begins in our monitoring area. Here, we track vital signs and observe you for any signs of complications.
  5. Recovery and Results: During your postoperative recovery, we provide all the information and recommendations necessary to maintain the new shape and appearance of your eyelid. Most patients can return to their daily activities within a few weeks, and the results are generally permanent.

Our surgery process and applied techniques are carefully selected with your safety and comfort in mind. Remember that you have an experienced team with you at every step of your eyelid aesthetics.

Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics

Beauty and youth can be achieved without surgical intervention. At Trawell Med Health, we offer non-surgical methods to rejuvenate your eyelids and achieve a younger appearance. Here are modern and effective methods used in non-surgical eyelid aesthetics:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to fill under-eye hollows and fine lines. This procedure addresses volume loss around the eyes and provides a vibrant look.
  2. Botulinum Toxin Applications: Botulinum toxin injections are applied to reduce fine wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. This method helps achieve a smoother and younger appearance of the eyelid.
  3. Laser and Light Treatments: Fractional laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments can be chosen for skin renewal and tightening. These methods contribute to tighter and younger-looking eyelids by increasing collagen production.
  4. Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment: By heating tissues beneath the skin, RF treatment stimulates collagen production and naturally tightens eyelids. This treatment is a minimal recovery procedure that offers effective results.
  5. Plasma Fibroblast Treatment: This innovative technology tightens eyelids, providing visible improvement in a short time. It enhances skin quality by activating fibroblast cells and reduces wrinkles.

Our non-surgical methods are ideal for beautifying and rejuvenating your eyelids without anesthesia and long recovery periods. Each procedure is personalized based on individual needs and aesthetic goals and is applied with precision by a professional team. For more information on these methods and to discuss a personalized treatment plan, feel free to contact us.

Recovery Process After Eyelid Surgery

The recovery process following eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is closely monitored by the expert team at Trawell Med Health Company. The postoperative period is a crucial time that affects both your comfort and the quality of aesthetic results. Here is information to help ensure a healthy and fast recovery after your eyelid surgery:

  1. First 24 Hours: On the first day after surgery, you may experience slight swelling and bruising around your eyes. This is normal, and using cold compresses can help reduce swelling.
  2. Recovery Timeline: While swelling and bruising typically decrease within a week, most patients can return to their daily activities within two weeks. Full recovery and the observation of final aesthetic results may take a few months.
  3. Postoperative Care: It is crucial to carefully follow the postoperative care instructions provided by your doctor to achieve the best results and reduce the risk of complications.
  4. Activity Restrictions: Avoid heavy exercises, activities requiring excessive effort, and prolonged screen use that may strain your eyes during the first few weeks.
  5. Appointments and Check-ups: Regular postoperative check-ups ensure that your recovery process is progressing correctly and allow early detection of any issues.
  6. Sun Protection: During the postoperative recovery period, it is important to avoid exposure to the sun and use sunscreens with high SPF.

Throughout your postoperative recovery process, Trawell Med Health Company is here for all your questions and concerns. We are here to provide all the support you need to heal safely. Feel free to contact us for more information about your recovery process and to evaluate your personal situation.”

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