Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (Filler)

Nose filler is a procedure performed in the nasal area for aesthetic purposes. Nose filler is commonly used to correct the nose shape, eliminate asymmetry, or fill in hollows on the nose bridge. This procedure offers a faster and less invasive option without requiring surgical intervention.

Nose filler is carried out by injecting natural or synthetic filler materials, such as hyaluronic acid, into the nose. Hyaluronic acid is often preferred for this procedure due to its ability to retain skin moisture and provide volume.

The nose filler procedure is typically done under local anesthesia and takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Immediate effects are observed after the procedure, and individuals can return to their daily activities. However, the complete healing process may take 1-2 weeks.

Because it is a non-surgical option, nose filler is a preferred aesthetic procedure. However, it may not be suitable for everyone and carries some risks. Therefore, it is important for individuals considering nose filler to consult with a specialist first.

How is Nose Filler Surgery Performed?

Nose filler surgery is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the shape and appearance of the nose. This procedure is often preferred as a non-surgical option, providing a quicker recovery process. Trawell Med Clinic specializes in nose filler surgeries, offering the best results through an experienced team.

Nose filler surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia and lasts around 30-45 minutes. Initially, a detailed consultation is conducted with the patient to determine expectations and desires. Then, the filler material to be applied to the nose is selected. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are commonly preferred as they provide a natural look, and their effects are temporary and can be regularly renewed.

Before the surgery begins, the nose area is cleansed, and local anesthesia is applied. The doctor then places the filler material by injecting it into predetermined points. During this process, the doctor carefully checks and adjusts the shape and symmetry of the nose. After the surgery, the patient can immediately return to daily activities and usually does not require any recovery period.

Trawell Med Clinic meticulously works with the latest technologies in nose filler surgeries to achieve the best results. Our experienced doctors create individualized treatment plans to meet each patient’s specific needs. By providing post-operative follow-up and support, we ensure the satisfaction and trust of our patients.

Who Are Suitable Candidates for Nose Filler?

Nose filler is an aesthetic procedure used to correct or enhance the nose shape. However, not everyone may be suitable for nose filler. Suitable candidates for nose filler generally have the following characteristics:

  1. Individuals with unpleasant issues related to nose shape: Nose filler can be used to correct small flaws in the nose or achieve a more symmetric appearance for those with a crooked or concave nose.
  2. Those experiencing volume loss in the nose: With the aging process, some people may experience volume loss in the nose, resulting in a flat and compressed appearance. Nose filler can compensate for this volume loss and provide a fuller nose.
  3. Those seeking minor nose corrections without surgery: For minor nose corrections that do not require surgery, nose filler is an ideal option. Individuals with a slight deviation or asymmetry in the nose can achieve the desired correction with nose filler.

At Trawell Med Clinic, we assess the suitability of candidates for nose filler and conduct suitability checks to achieve the best results. Our professional and experienced doctors create personalized treatment plans to meet the needs of each individual.

Recovery Process After Nose Filler

The recovery process after a nose filler procedure can vary from person to person. However, it is generally mild and short-term. Some normal symptoms after the procedure typically subside on their own within a few days.

One of the most common symptoms during the recovery process is swelling and bruising, which usually diminishes throughout the first week. Applying cold compresses and keeping the head elevated can help reduce these symptoms quickly. Additionally, using medications recommended by your doctor can support the recovery process.

An important point to note after nose filler is to protect yourself from the sun. Sun rays can irritate your skin and prolong the healing process. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid exposure to the sun after the procedure. If you need to go out in the sun, be sure to use sunscreen.

At Trawell Med, we are delighted to be with you every step of the way during the recovery process after nose filler. Our expert team will guide you through post-operative care and answer any questions you may have. Following your doctor’s instructions during check-ups is also essential for a faster recovery process.

Remember, the recovery process after nose filler can vary for each individual. However, it is generally a mild and short duration. Trawell Med is here to assist you in the best possible way, standing by your side with a professional approach.

Nose Filler Advantages

Nose filler is a method used to enhance the shape and appearance of the nose as an aesthetic procedure. This procedure has many advantages due to being a non-surgical option. Here are some advantages provided by nose filler:

  • Non-Surgical: Nose filler is a non-surgical procedure, eliminating the need for surgery. Therefore, the likelihood of encountering surgical risks and complications is lower. Additionally, anesthesia is not required, and patients are typically discharged on the same day.
  • Quick and Effective Results: The nose filler procedure is fast, and results can be immediately visible. A noticeable change in the nose occurs after the filler substance is injected, allowing patients to achieve their desired nose shape more quickly.
  • Shorter Recovery Period: Unlike surgical interventions, the recovery period after nose filler is quite short. Patients can usually return to their daily activities immediately and may only experience minimal discomfort.
  • Lower Risk: Nose filler carries less risk compared to surgical procedures. Complications that may arise during surgery, as well as risks associated with anesthesia, are eliminated.
  • Reversible: Since nose filler is a temporary procedure, undesired results can be reversed. After the filler substance is injected, it can be dissolved or corrected when necessary.
  • Natural Appearance: When applied properly, nose filler can provide a natural and balanced appearance. When performed by a professional doctor, improvement in nose shape occurs naturally and harmonizes with the patient’s facial features.

These advantages of nose filler make it an appealing option for those considering aesthetic nose shaping. However, like any aesthetic procedure, nose filler should be chosen by suitable candidates and performed by a professional doctor.

Nose Filler Prices

Nose filler is a cosmetic procedure used to correct or enhance the shape of the nose for aesthetic purposes. This procedure helps address minor flaws in the nose and achieve a more symmetrical appearance. Nose filler prices vary depending on various factors.

The prices of nose filler depend on factors such as the location of the clinic where the procedure is performed, the experience of the doctor, and the quality of the product used. Additionally, the amount of filler required by the individual also affects prices. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are often preferred for nose filler, and the prices of these fillers may vary depending on the brand.

For accurate information about nose filler prices, consulting with a specialist doctor is the most reliable method. The doctor will assess the individual’s expectations, determine the amount of treatment needed, and create an appropriate treatment plan. Since the needs of each individual are different, nose filler prices can vary from person to person. Therefore, it is important to consult with a professional to obtain an exact price.

Nose filler prices are generally more affordable compared to other aesthetic procedures, as it is often a single-session procedure. However, the cost of nose filler should be evaluated considering the quality of treatment and the sustainability of results. Properly performed nose filler can offer natural and long-lasting results, demonstrating that the cost is well worth it.

It should be noted that nose filler prices are not solely about the cost. Health always takes precedence, and before undergoing such aesthetic procedures, it is essential to consult with your doctor.

Results Achievable with Nose Filler

Nose filler helps improve the shape and appearance of the nose as an aesthetic procedure. This procedure is used to correct issues such as asymmetry, irregularities, or depressions in the nose. Results achievable with nose filler may vary from person to person, but generally include the following benefits:

  1. More symmetrical nose: Nose filler can correct asymmetry in the nose, helping achieve a more balanced appearance. Filling in curves or hollows in the nasal bridge can result in a more symmetrical nose.
  2. More defined nasal bridge: Some individuals may naturally have an indistinct nasal bridge. Nose filler can add volume to this area, creating a more defined nasal bridge.
  3. Correction of sunken areas: Depressions that may occur due to trauma or surgical intervention can lead to an unappealing appearance in the nose. Nose filler can fill these sunken areas, providing a smoother surface.
  4. Lifting the nasal tip: Inclined or drooping nasal tips can disrupt the overall balance and proportion of the face. Nose filler can add volume to the nasal tip, creating a lifted appearance.
  5. A more youthful appearance: Changes in the nose can occur with the aging process. Nose filler can reduce the effects of aging, offering a younger and more energetic look.

Results achievable with nose filler are individualized, and it is important to clarify expectations by consulting with your doctor. As with any aesthetic procedure, seeking an experienced professional is crucial for achieving natural and balanced results.

Differences Between Rhinoplasty and Nose Filler

Rhinoplasty and nose filler are two distinct cosmetic procedures performed with the aim of enhancing the appearance of the nose. Although they are applied to the same area, there are significant differences between these two procedures.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a surgical intervention, involves making surgical incisions to alter the shape of the nose and correct bone or cartilage tissues. Rhinoplasty is typically chosen to achieve a natural nose shape or to address respiratory problems. The procedure provides permanent results and usually requires a single operation.

On the other hand, nose filler is a non-surgical procedure that aims to correct minor flaws in the nose by injecting filler substances such as hyaluronic acid. No surgical incisions are made in this procedure, and it can be performed under local anesthesia. Nose filler is commonly used to correct depressions in the nose, increase volume in the tip or bridge of the nose, or achieve a symmetrical appearance. Filler substances are absorbed after a specific period, and the results can be temporary.

Another difference between rhinoplasty and nose filler is the recovery process. After rhinoplasty, patients may typically experience swelling and bruising, and the complete recovery process may take several weeks or months. In contrast, after a nose filler procedure, individuals can usually return to their daily activities immediately.

There are significant differences between rhinoplasty and nose filler. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that provides permanent results, whereas nose filler is a non-surgical procedure offering temporary results. Both procedures serve different purposes and should be chosen based on an individual’s preferences, expectations, and needs.

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